Sangiovese igt rubicone


Name: Sangiovese igt rubicone
Grape variety: Sangiovese
Production Area: Emilia Romagna
Winemaking: Vinificazione in rosso
Alcool %vol: 11,26
Fehling Sugar g/l: 7,00
Volatile Acidity g/l: 0,32
Total Acidity g/l: 5,45
S02 Total Amount mg/l: 106,00

Product code: 194 Category:

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Bar code: 8001651500019
Type of Bottle: avir bordolese 3ml 1000 31,5 m codice 51071
Format: 1 Litro
Type of closure: tappo a vite alluminio 31,5 x 18 con capsula
N° of pieces per pack: 12
Pack code: 8001651333754
Package height cm: 32,00
Package length cm: 35,00
Package depth cm: 26,00
Package weight kg: 12,60
N° of packs per row: 10
N° of row per pallet: 5
N° of packs per pallet: 50
Type of pallet: a perdere
Pallet weight kg: 630,00
Pallet height cm: 176,00
Capsule type: porpora

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